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About The Heave Grip

When you dive into the wonders of the VR worlds, don't you just want to go ahead and grab everything around you? The HEAVE Grip is a Tactile Glove developed for an enhanced Virtual Reality experience in conjunction with VR Headsets. The patented HEAVE Grip developed by Industrial Designer Philip Zeitler uses multiple technologies to restrict the user's finger movements, creating the illusion of holding an object. See it here in action.

The idea originated on a Sunday afternoon playing video games. A new game was just released and had incredible physics and graphics. The point where you just wanted to be able to grab items in this world and be fully enhanced.

A range of tools and utilities were used to develop the first functional prototypes. Using a washable lycra glove as basis, mechanisms are attached to holders that are integrated into leather covers, allowing free movement of the fingers and a comfortable, lightweight wear preventing sweaty fingers.



The patented HEAVE Grip has been fitted with a range of innovative materials and technologies providing user's with the best possible experience. Lycra as a base material, provides a tight fit to your hand whilst breathable. In combination with leather, the holders have a solid hold. The current prototype technology functions over an Arduino board with the data being visualised in Unity 3D.



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